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  • $$

    Panna Cotta Simply beautiful!

    Panna Cotta or “cooked cream” is a beautiful authentic Italian desert that will not disappoint you! Served with strawberry or raspberries sauce on top. A must try for sure!

  • $$

    Italian Gelato Ice Cream Delicioso!

    • Small (2 scoops) - $$
    • Large (4 scoops) - $$

    Authentic Italian Gelato. Chose from vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, espresso or berries.

  • $$

    Espresso Authentic Italian

    • Single shot - $$
    • Double shot - $$

    Café Espresso Lavazza a perfect coffee with robust flavors and acidity. Served with fresh cream on the side and a small biscotti .



  • 1$

    Authentic Italian Tiramisu

    Italy’s most popular desert! Original ricetta made with fresh Mascarpone cheese and espresso coffee, just like in Treviso.