• $$

    Prosciutto Crudo+Pear+Raberry Jam+Balsamico Di Modena WOW!

    An “A La Carte Bruschetta” if we can say this. An amazing paring of our best ingredients we offer on a perfectly toasted slice of bread.  A perfect choice for Lunch & Dinner!

  • $16$

    Bruschetta al Gorgonzola dolce, Prosciutto Crudo e Marmellata di Fichi Most Amazing Combinations!

    The name of this bruschetta does not tell you the story; we think this is one of the most “deliziosa” bruschetta we can make for you. A multi flavor bruschetta made with the best Gorgonzola cheese we could find in Italy, Prosciutto crudo, fig jam, olive oil, Balsamico Di Modena, arugula, and a perfectly toasted slice of bread! (4 halves)

  • $$

    Bruschetta Grilled Pane Di Casa+Fior Di Latte+Pomodorini+Aglio Pane Di Casa!

    Not a sandwich, but a beautiful full size Bruschetta. A Pane Di Casa slice of bread grilled to perfection with Fior Di Latte, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, garlic and fresh basil. (2 slices per order).

  • $$

    Estate Amazing!

    Cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil served on a grilled piece of bread with garlic and herbs.

  • $$

    Bruschetta con Salmone Afumicatto e Capperi

    Wild Pacific Smoked salmon, capers, olive oil on a perfectly toasted crostini! This can get fishy for sure!

  • $$

    Bruschetta con Acchiughe (Anchovies) Capperi e Basilico Tuscany original!

    Best quality anchovies, capers and fresh basil on a perfectly toasted butter crostini.

  • $8$

    Bruschetta Classica Ohh Yes!

    Nothing simpler than Classico bruschetta. Tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, Italian herbs, on a perfectly grilled slice of Panne di Casa type bread. (4 pieces)

  • $9$

    Bruschetta Classico con bocconcini Great flavors!

    Bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil served on a grilled Panne di Casa type of bread with garlic and herbs. (2 slices)

  • $$

    Bruschetta alla Ricotta e Olio Aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco Unique!

    Ricotta cheese and truffle flavored extra virgin olive oil served on a perfectly toasted slice of bread with oregano and Italian herbs sprinkled on top. Just like that!

  • $$

    Bruschetta alla Ricotta e Frutti

    A great combination of ricotta cheese, mango, olive oil and Aceto Balsamico Di Mondena. Your choice of crostini or a perfectly toasted slice of bread! (Can also be ordered with raspberry or strawberry)

  • $$

    Bruschetta al Prosciutto Crudo+Ricotta+Rucola e Aceto Balsamico Di Modena

    Things could get a little complicated here, but this is probably one of the best choices for a bruschetta! Prosciutto crudo, ricotta cheese, on a bed of arugula, fresh basil; wait.. and a lot of olive oil and Balsamico di Modena and of course on a beautiful toasted slice of our own bread!

  • $14$

    Bruschetta al Prosciutto Crudo e Bocconcini+Pomodorini Lunch & Dinner starter!

    A real deal here! Prosciutto crudo, bocconcini, cherry tomatoes (halves), olive oil, fresh basil, on a perfectly toasted slice of bread (4 halves); and yes, you can order more than 3 or 4 for either, lunch or dinner.