Certain items on the menu below may not be avaiable at all times


My Cucina

  • $$

    Risotto con Gamberi Available every day for Lunch & Dinner

    A beautiful risotto dish made with perfectly grilled garlic shrimp and Italian wine and herbs

  • $$

    Panino con Polpette Available every day for Lunch & Dinner.

    • Small - $$
    • Large - $$

    Italian sandwich with meatballs, baked with fresh mozzarella cheese in our most amazing marinara sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes!

  • $$

    Braciole Di Maiale con Polenta Available every day for Lunch & Dinner.

    An authentic Italian dish made with polenta (corn bread) and a perfectly grilled pork chop. Amazing flavors and a must try for sure!

  • $$

    Risotto Classico Al Ragu Available every day for Lunch & Dinner

    A classic rustic risotto dish cooked to perfection in a blend of Italian herbs, white wine and mixed with our best ground beef & tomato sauce, scented with fresh rosemary. An exceptional taste and a great choice for Lunch & Dinner!

  • $$

    Peperoni Ripieni di Carne e Riso Test Kitchen Dish

    Peperoni Ripieni di Carne e Riso, an adapted international dish from the Spanish cuisine that has been added to the already great Italian kitchen. Stuffed red peppers with extra lean minced beef and rice, cooked for more than 5 hours in our most delicious tomato sauce. Our famous stuffed red pepper dish includes medium red bell peppers, rice, extra lean minced beef, San Marzano tomato sauce, Italian spices, and a finish of creamy sour cream and Italian parsley with a genuine taste from Southern Italy and Campania. Wow!

Gourmet Pasta

  • $$

    Spaghetti con Vongole e Pomodorini For Seafood Lovers! *May not be available every day.

    This is a perfect traditional Italian dish if you are a seafood lover and you are looking to combine the flavor of the sea coming from the fresh seafood we use to cook this pasta dish in addition to the sweetness delivered by the cherry tomatoes in combination with fresh parsley, Italian herbs and garlic.

  • $$

    Lasagna alla Bolognese

    “Lasagna alla Bolognese” is a traditional Italian main course (originally from Bologna) perfect for dinner or lunch. The main ingredients to make this dish are Bolognese sauce,  fresh egg pasta and béchamel sauce cooked in an oven together with other secret ingredients! At La Casa della Bruschetta, we are not trying to compete with Nonna, but for sure, Nonna has something great to say about our lasagna 🙂

  • $$

    Linguine o spaghetti con Salmone e Pomodorini

    Your choice of spaghetti or linguine pasta, pink salmon file, basil, mint, San Marzano pealed tomatoes, sea salt, garlic, pistachio, parsley.

  • $$

    Pasta Al Pesto e Gamberi Available every day for Lunch & Dinner

    If you love pesto paste with a fresh aroma of basil and garlic, seafood, this is probably a great dish for you. Here, at La Casa della Bruschetta, we invite you to go beyond the limits of an authentic pasta recipe and try this wonderful dish today. A combination of winning flavors and our top ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, and seafood, shrimp, together with your choice of spaghetti or linguine, will definitely captivate you after the first bite.

  • Rigatoni con pesto di pistacchio e guanciale Perfect for a night out!

    A beautiful pasta dish full of flavor and cooked with the most amazing ingredients blended with our perfectly cooked Rigatoni. The main ingredients are “pesto di pistacchio and granella di pistacchi.” Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale, black pepper and fresh yolks are the remaining ingredients that make this dish an unique alternative to our regular Carbonara pasta.


  • $$

    Burrata with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Red Pepper

    A beautiful antipasto dish perfect for dinner or lunch. Burrata cheese (190 gr.), grilled cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, arugula, olive oil, oregano, and Balsamico Di Modena.

  • $$

    Antipasto Platter La Casa Available every day for Lunch & Dinner

    • Small Platter (1-2 ppl.) - $$
    • Med. Platter (3-5 ppl.) - $$
    • Large Platter (5-7 ppl.) - $$

    A variety of authentic Italian ham & cheese options such as bocconcini, prosciutto crudo, Fior Di Latte, Mortadella, Capocollo, Italian salami, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and assorted vegetables and fruits: olive (green, black), cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, figs, dried fruits and garlic bread served as appetizers and in any size platters. Please ask your server for details!

  • $$

    Pesto Panino con Prosciutto Crudo e Fior Di Latte Available every day for Lunch & Dinner.

    A Italian grilled or fresh sandwich made with with Pesto alla Genovese, Prosciutto crudo, Fior Di Latte, olive oil, arugula, fresh basil and Italian herbs.

  • $$

    Caprese Sandwich Caprese at its finest!

    A fresh Caprese sandwich is the perfect choice for lunch or dinner. If you are looking for something  that you will be craving for days after you had the first bite, this is a must try today! On a half ciabatta loaf grilled to perfection and drizzled with olive oil, we add Fior Di Latte, fresh tomatoes, basil pesto paste, fresh basil, oregano and a pinch or Italian herb & black pepper.